Fan mail

Fan mail has been very entertaining lately, heres just a few: 

What a great introductory to the femdom world! Hahaha I bet if you play it 4 more times the ending just might change and you may be given the permission to cum 😉 How long do you think this loser will last?
Where can I start here- alls I can say is really???? Ewwww gross! And whats that on your ball sac??? A wart!!! DISGUSTING!!!!
This fat ass sent this email to every single one of us. Im sure he was hoping for something free in return, so here you go chubby:
Instead of jerking off in your panties and rubbing on your man tits, how about you get on the treadmill, put it on fast speed with a twinkie in front of you (far enough out of your reach) and try to get it without falling!
*Do at your own risk 😉 Hahaha
I love it when a loser states he is not a loser! Whatever you need to say to convince yourself! Hahahaaha And dont you just love the last sentence? “you suck me you and your mother”
This guys a winner! :sarcasm:
We’re waiting to hear from you too idiot…yes you, the one reading this! Go to our contact form and send us humiliating pics of yourself or just confess your love and devotion! Talk soon.